About Rosie Thompson & Newstart Consultancy Team

Rosie Thompson is an expert in the realm of immigration law, with her expertise spanning three different jurisdictions: Australia, the Philippines, and the United States. Having launched her career in the early 2000s, she emerged as a trailblazer in adopting remote work modalities within the legal profession back in the day when fax machines were the expedited form of communication. She holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from a prestigious institution in the Philippines and a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law and Practice from the University of Technology Sydney. In addition to this, she has enriched her knowledge base through various immigration courses at the University of Minnesota College of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Before making Australia her home, Rosie accumulated a decade of invaluable experience serving as an immigration paralegal for international law firms in Australia and the United States. Her experience was further deepened during her tenure in Australia, where she collaborated with one of the pioneering Filipino immigration solicitors in New South Wales. In 2014, Rosie achieved a milestone by becoming a permanent resident of the United States, which set the stage for her to found Newstart Consultancy LLC in 2015.

The consultancy, staffed by a skilled ensemble of five remote paralegals from the USA, Australia, and the Philippines, is tailored to provide non-legal immigration services. It specializes in USCIS form preparation and package compilation, streamlining these complex processes for its clientele. Integral to Newstart's ethos is the accessibility of immigration services, achieved through affordable pricing and a commitment to continuous education to stay up-to-date on evolving USCIS policies and procedures.

Recognizing the labyrinthine challenges posed by the legal system, Rosie and her team are devoted to offering unparalleled professionalism and comprehensive support. Their service suite covers various needs, from meticulous legal research and document preparation to adept case management and unwavering client support. The firm places a premium on attention to detail, rigorous thoroughness, and a client-oriented methodology.

Rosie Thompson and Newstart Consultancy have become prominent as leading voices on immigration issues, notably within EB2-NIW social media circles. Further augmenting Newstart Consultancy LLC's service portfolio, the firm has incorporated specialists in STEM fields, particularly geared toward EB2-NIW Employment US Green Card applications.

In alignment with the criteria outlined in Prong 3 of the EB2-NIW assessment framework, Rosie and her Newstart team "possess specialized and innovative skill sets. These are far from commonplace in the general labor market, thereby establishing them as unique and indispensable assets in the ever-shifting landscape of immigration law."