Newstart Consultancy is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for your EB2-NIW petition, offering services tailored to each applicant's unique needs. Our focus is on ensuring a smooth and well-organized application process.

Our Services Include:

  • Credential Review: We will review your credentials to help you understand how they align with the EB2-NIW criteria. Our goal is to assist you in presenting your qualifications in a clear and organized manner.

  • Document Preparation: Our team, knowledgeable in the STEM field, will assist you in gathering and preparing the necessary forms and supporting documents. This includes helping you organize and compile your paperwork to ensure completeness and clarity.

  • Petition Letter Assistance: We assist in drafting your petition letter, highlighting your unique strengths and contributions. Our aim is to help you articulate your qualifications and endeavors effectively.

  • Recommendation Letters: We offer assistance in drafting up to three recommendation letters, helping to ensure they reflect your professional achievements and contributions.

  • Mailing Services: To facilitate the submission process, we will mail your petition from our U.S. office directly to USCIS, saving you the hassle and cost of international courier services.

  • USCIS Filing Fee Payment Method Assistance: We can assist with the USCIS filing fee payment method using a U.S. cashier's check, simplifying your payment process.

  • Ongoing Support and Updates: Our team will keep you informed about the progress of your application, providing continuous support and timely updates.

  • Response to RFE Assistance: If an RFE (Request For Evidence) is issued, we will assist you in preparing a response, focusing on organizing and clarifying the requested information.

Why Choose Newstart Consultancy?

Selecting Newstart Consultancy for your EB2-NIW petition means choosing a partner committed to providing exceptional service and expert assistance throughout your application process. We strive to make the complex immigration process as straightforward and stress-free as possible, ensuring that every aspect of your petition is handled with care and professionalism.


Newstart Consultancy Mentoring Service for Drafting Your EB2-NIW Petition

Newstart Consultancy offers personalized mentoring services tailored to guide applicants through the complex process of drafting an EB2-NIW (Employment-Based Second Preference - National Interest Waiver) petition. With team expertise in STEM fields and a deep understanding of the USCIS requirements, our services are designed to increase the chances of success for skilled professionals seeking a path to U.S. immigration.
Initial Assessment: An in-depth analysis of your qualifications, proposed endeavor, and alignment with the three prongs of the EB2-NIW category to determine the strengths and areas that need emphasis.
One-on-One Mentoring: Our experienced mentors work closely with you to understand your unique background, guiding you through crafting a persuasive petition that reflects your individual strengths and the national benefits of your proposed endeavor.
Structural Guidance: We provide step-by-step assistance in structuring your petition, focusing on logical organization, clear presentation, and alignment with the specific requirements of the EB2-NIW category.
Content Development: Assistance in developing compelling narratives that clearly articulate your capabilities, achievements, and the broader impact of your work, addressing each prong effectively.
Review of Supporting Evidence: Guidance on selecting and presenting supporting documents, including educational credentials, work achievements, letters of recommendation, and evidence of societal or technological contributions.
Form  Compliance: We ensure the petition fully complies with USCIS form requirements
Revision and Feedback: Multiple rounds of revision and constructive feedback to refine the petition, ensuring clarity, coherence, and persuasive power.
Ongoing Support: Continued support throughout the application process.


Structural editing of EB2-NIW petitions is a specialized service that can be invaluable for applicants seeking to present their cases most compellingly. By aligning the petition with the specific requirements of the EB2-NIW category and enhancing the overall presentation and coherence, structural editing can significantly contribute to the application's success. 

  1. Professional Structural Editing Services: We ensure that the petition is organized and presented clearly and logically, addressing each prong thoroughly and with supporting evidence. They focus on the overall flow and integrity of the document, ensuring that it builds a compelling case.

  2. Inclusion of Relevant Evidence and Support: Structural editing helps to place supporting documents, references, and endorsements strategically. It ensures that the evidence provided aligns with the requirements of the EB2-NIW category.

  3. Form Compliance: Ensuring the petition complies with all legal requirements is paramount. We ensure that the petition meets all guidelines and requirements of USCIS.

  4. Enhancing Clarity and Coherence: The petition's language, tone, and style must be consistent and professional. Structural editing helps achieve clarity by organizing information cohesively, avoiding repetition, and ensuring the content flows naturally.

  5. Avoiding Common Mistakes: Many petitions might be rejected due to mistakes and oversights. Professional editing services are familiar with these pitfalls and can help to avoid them, thus increasing the chances of approval.

  6. Tailoring to Individual Strengths and Contributions: The editing service will tailor the petition to highlight the applicant's unique strengths, contributions, and the broad impact they may have on their field, per the specifics of the EB2-NIW category.